Chris Pickup

As we walk the pavements, alleys and passageways of our cities, a constant complex conveyor belt of images scrolls beneath our feet. In order to maintain our focus, maybe even our sanity, this constant image-rich filmstrip has to remain ignored.

The work seeks to expose and reveal the depth and complexity behind a few moments of urban visual experience; to ask the eye to linger on and look harder at, that which has to be habitually ignored. It leaves one to ponder on the infinitesimal complexities which lie within the most mundane of every day objects and activities. The effect is to ‘press the pause button’, stop the world scrolling by and look at what is presented in front of you. In many ways this work fulfils the traditional artist’s prerogative to look longer and harder at the world on behalf of society.

The works presented in this exhibition are two intimate studies of small sections of Nottingham pavement created through a complex process of constructing three dimensional form and texture and then applying colour. The colour is a mix of oil and water based paint which is sprayed on to the surface creating a complex colourfield. More paint is then applied by brush to enhance the three dimensional effect of tone.
The resulting work appears highly abstract but is in fact based on close observation.

Chris Pickup graduated from Loughborough College of Art with a First Class Hons in Fine Art Sculpture in 1985. He has exhibited widely in the East Midlands, Yorkshire and London. The most recent and notable have been: Urban Journeys: a collaboration with artist Mike Bowdidge at the Red Gallery in Hull, where the resultant exhibition described 3 journeys though the city’s streets; INMATES: where the artist created an installation and publication exploring the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield’s early history as a workhouse; Most recently, Imagine a City… in Leicester, where the artist created a site responsive work exhibited in a shop window in relation to the physicality and history of Leicester Market.

To find out more about Chris Pickup’s work go to:
07974 384271