Richard Spivey

My name is Richard Spivey

I was born and brought up in a small town in Yorkshire right in the heart of the mining community, where the aged bricks are blackened by the coal and soot and the landscapes are sculptured by the local pits.

It was at these pits that my Uncles toiled for long hours to earn their living ,my uncles were hard men who had little time for self indulgences ,they spent the best days of their lives ,in the darkest and dirtiest of conditions ,long before safety measures and guidelines were even dared to be spoken of ,never mind implemented.

It is with this background in heart that I take great interest and pleasure when I see the pits of old reclaimed and turned into something that is no longer reminiscent of dirt and toil, but something cared for and lovingly returned to us.

Regeneration is at the heart of my pictures and will continue to inspire me throughout my efforts.