Davide Taristano

I have explored several areas of photography throughout the years (e.g. studio photography) and at the moment my main interest is ‘abstract photography’. This involves extrapolating details from their overall context and making them the subject of the picture. The result is that everyday objects can produce an interesting artistic design. This can be achieved using macro lens combined with light and shadows and also depth of field.

I tend to bring with me the camera everywhere I go as often the ‘right’ picture is in the most unexpected place. A recurrent question that I am being asked is ‘why do you take pictures?’ or many be what they really mean is ‘why are you so passionate about taking pictures?’ I believe that photography is a very powerful tool as it allows me to catch images that may exist only for a moment and in addition it can give life to objects that otherwise may fade away in the rush of everyday life.

Email: d.tarsitano@gmail.com
Tel: 07868745016