Marie - Helene Drouin

I am a self taught photographer.

I have gained some recognition by producing handmade cards over the last 2 years that are distributed in 4 places between Derby and Nottingham, I have also participated in charitable fundraising on several occasions since 2001.

Since October, on a voluntary basis I have documented Mental Health Awareness week, a graffiti afternoon organized by Gallery Above and a fundraising evening “Art from the Heart” for destitute refugees.

I have taken part in 2 exhibitions so far, the first at the View from the Top in February 2008 and more recently at the Open exhibition in Derby January 2009.

I enjoy taking pictures of nature and cityscape, where I live and where I travel. I have lived in the Midlands for the past 9 years and find both Derby and Nottingham very inspiring: especially their parks. I try to capture light, textures, magic moments of daily life and quirky places.

I especially like contrasting colours that make the pictures more vivid and cheerful, vibrant colours, back lit leaves or petals work very well that way. I like my pictures to relax the viewer, make them smile. My pictures are mementos of the small moments of beauty in the everyday.

For me, a picture is a piece of art, it does represent actual objects but most of all it conveys a very specific point of view and choice of composition on the part of the photographer.

In terms of inspiration Doisneau is a major influence in his humorous humanity towards his subjects and Tiffany also influences me in his awareness of how light can change the aspect of the objects it hits - on glass for his work. I gain a lot of inspiration from talking with local artists and photographers who are not well known at present.