Kathryn Priest

Largely self-taught, Kathryn has been a photographer since 2001. Inspired by the chance to use a darkroom at New College, she read and practiced as much as possible and went on to set up her own business, Stinky Monster Photography, in 2002. After working in the photography industry until 2006, she now takes photos with a focus on art rather than commercialism.

Inspired by photographers both famous and obscure, Kathryn’s work covers a wide range of subjects – her only brief is to capture the beauty she sees around her. This can be in a pattern, a shape, striking colours, or a combination of all of these. She collects old cameras and where possible develops her own films. With little to no digital manipulation, Kathryn aims to keep the purity of a shot and show the splendour of the real world as it was at that moment.

She currently shoots portraits, local musicians and travels the county exploring different aspects of the countryside and towns. She is visiting India soon to develop her portfolio and soak up the unique opportunities for photography there.

Her work has been featured in Photography Monthly and Amateur Photographer magazines, and she exhibited in Nottingham’s Wax Bar in February 2008.

She is available for commissions and prints are available of the photographs exhibited here. Please feel free to take a card, and visit her website www.capture-arcadia.com