David Severn

I'm a young, budding photographer from Nottinghamshire currently working on building a full, extensive photographic portfolio including a range of fine art and documentary works.
I've been a creative thinker for as far back as I can remember but photography really grabbed me when I first ventured into it at the age of 14. My drawing skills were and still are considerably lacking, so photography quickly became my primary method of creative expression.
Over the time I've been exploring photography I've started to acquire my own style, although I'm always willing to give anything new a try as I see everything as a learning curve and an opportunity to progress.
I go to Cornwall once a year on holiday with my Dad and that's where I shoot most of my coastal scenes and waterscapes, which I love. However, coastal views are pretty impossible to come by where I live in central England so when I'm at home, I use a range of cameras including a Holga, a legendary Polaroid SX-70 and a digital SLR to capture urban/street scenes and delve into documentary projects.