Marie Peach

Marie Peach graduated with a 1:1 degree from Nottingham Trent University in 2004. Her work during her degree largely focused on ideas of home and was mostly textual and performance based. She won the Geoff Ball travel award whilst at university and travelled to Barcelona to research an exhibition; a museum based on a hybrid of Nottingham and Barcelona, with a tongue-in-cheek look at our often hazy knowledge of the history and legends of our own home towns.

Her work since then has continued to explore our relationships with our surroundings. Look up is a comment on the tendency to stop seeing the streets that we walk down every day, and a slightly whimsical proposal that everyday things have the potential to be more magical, if only glimpsed from the corners of our eyes. She aims to alter the way we think of familiar places by placing an image over a memory, while the place itself remains completely unaltered. And most of all she wants to play with the city; making the place we call home just a little more fun.

Other work includes a website in which four different stories of wildly varying genres run parallel, and Marie invites anyone to participate, moving the stories on in exciting and unusual ways.

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