Edward Bowness

I have received my art education at Chesterfield College and Loughborough University, graduating in 2008 in Illustration and Animation. Notable achievements so far in my illustration life include winning a Gold star sticker at primary school for my bloody depiction of the crucifixion. I also have an exhibition running in conjunction with the Leftlion magazine looking at different aspects of Nottingham.

Having worked in a bar now for a couple of years I see first hand the importance pubs have on social life. It is the social bedrock of our culture and with as many as 27 village pubs closing every week the pub is an endangered species. I have created some illustrations to emphasize this decline, whoever I have also focused on the positives that the pub can bring and how it is more than just a business, and it’s the heart of a community. By drawing we immortalize our subjects and hopefully in regards to the pub I can do the same.

In terms of medium and execution, I have used pen and ink as I enjoy the energy and speed of the process. I then scan the drawings I have done on location into Adobe Photoshop applying colours and textures digitally

I am deeply inspired by political and satirical art (e.g. Steve Bell, Hogarth, Gillray) past to present especially its ability to combine a thought provoking message with a funny image. I am also inspired by children’s books and comics (e.g. The Beano, Tin Tin)

Please feel free to visit my wider portfolio (see above at bottom of page) I am available for projects big or small and if something catches your eye, please contact me via email or by mobile.