Jax Checkland

I am a Fine Art student currently in my second and final year studying for a HND at South Nottingham College.

This is my second time entering a piece of Art in an open exhibition, my first being Fresh 2, held here at View from the Top in 2008.

I have also had my art shown in the end of year exhibition at college in 2008 and am currently working towards my final show in June.

I am a multi media artist and enjoy trying different methods of creating art, I am an abstract painter and I am now expressing my ideas and thoughts through photography, I hope to adventure into documentary photography in the future.

My photography is a way of relating an idea or feeling to the viewer, in a way that my painting cannot. I do not take photographs for the sake of taking them, they have a reason and I want the viewer to think about what they are seeing and what feeling this forms.

I would say that the main inspiration for my photography comes from Don McCullin, for the way in which he uses Photography to document his experiences. I am inspired by the way he takes a situation and manages to relay the feeling of his subjects to the viewer. You really feel the pain and sadness of the people being photographed.