Tracey Mayfield

‘View from the Very Top’ is inspired by the view from my Nottinghamshire classroom. As a local teacher I have found the view from my room, breathtaking. Being able to see for miles on a clear day make(s) me realise how sometimes insignificant we actually are. Even on a rainy day, as I watch the approaching rain coming across the city, it is nothing short of amazing.

This view is a combination of many photographs, merged together using digital software. Using a sepia technique gives the image an "old" effect questioning the date at which the photograph was actually taken. The tell tale signs of the modern buildings and the vehicles give an indication that it is a recent, rather than a historical image. Much like the subject itself, it is a mixture of old and modern.

This is a limited edition print, this being the first of ten. Please visit my website for more examples, prints, and artwork. Commissions are undertaken.
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