Kinny Soni

I Kinny Soni, a student pursing my Post-graduate studies in Architecture at University of Nottingham after having completed my undergraduate study program at the School of Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad, India. Along with my undergraduate studies I had also trained and worked under a renowned sculptor Piraji Sagra from India.

Art and Travel have always been my passions which persuaded me to travel a lot to see art and culture of different places. Since the year of 2003 I have been travelling to various places within and outside of my country where I had gain a lot of experiences. Being passionate about sketching, I found it to be the best medium to put forward, the story of my journey and experiences without just mere words which bridged the communication gap between me and people of different cultures.

In the year 2008, during my working with the India Guide Publications as an Illustrator, I produced around 300 sketches of various places in Ahmedabad, India for the tourist map. Though none of my works have been published earlier, this gives me a great opportunity in exhibiting my work for the first time.

Through this piece of work, I tell about my story that links me to the people and the city of Nottingham. Through this particular work I share my memories and experience of this charming city where I found clouds trying to hide the Sun, the landscape with its tales of Robin hood and his castle. Row of houses with the giant wheel and the sparkling flow, with birds eating my bread becoming my friends brought life in my story.

Experienced the city and its events…
Sketched on paper directly with black ink
Scanned it to high resolution
Added colours through Adobe Photoshop

The tribal and the miniature paintings of the Mughal period in India that were full of artist’s experiences and expressions of their places and occurred events.
The works of Haku Shah an global artist with a rural Indian touch, through his images reflects his close relationship with tribal arts.
Artist Joan Miro, whose works inspired me to play with colours.