Hau Hsie Lim (George Lim)

A clash between science and art.

It is difficult for me to describe about myself as I am from a rather complex background. I am not an art student nor grow up from an artistic family background. I graduated as an Immunologist, where precision and strict protocols in experiments are part and parcel of my life.

But my love for the magical world of photography actually started back in year 2000, with my dad’s old Yashica FX-3 35mm film SLR camera. This camera is full of dials and controls, which the principles of accuracy, technical know-how and metering is applied wherever I want to take a shot. Nevertheless when I look beyond those technicality and stare through the optical viewfinder, that is the part where my artistic right brain started to kick in.

After years of mastering the techniques of photography, in late 2005 I was scouted by Sony Malaysia to be a workshop trainer and specialist in digital imaging. (Yes, that is photography, only in fancy words). I enjoy the work so much so that I keep holding the job until 2 weeks before I flew to Nottingham for my Masters in Immunology & Allergy Courses.

I always think that it is such a pity to be able to get a fantastic shot, but not sharing it to the world. In that context, I published it through my blog (www.georgelim.co.nr) and Flickr photo stream. So far the traffic to the website has been encouraging.

Any constructive comments or praises about my work can be sent to georgelimphoto@gmail.com, or send it through my website. Thank you.

Contact number: 078828 02223
Email: georgelimphoto@gmail.com