Pericle Zanchetta

Everything that the photographer wants you to know about the subject is contained on one piece of paper. Each of my photographs is a graphic presentation of my vision.

My passion for photography started as a child from watching my father take photographs. I was interested in how he was able to see and capture images that I had not initially noticed. Growing up in southern Italy, I explored the natural Mediterranean landscape, always trying to find new and different patterns in nature as it offers an infinity of views and changing light. Travelling to other countries since I was a teenager (never without a big bag with camera and lenses) has enabled me to expand my view and technique, always trying to capture interesting places and moments in time and make them as beautiful as possible. Since we cant always be in the places that we love, we can at least take the image with us to remember and share with others.

I shoot at the edge of bright light, using incidental or reflected lighting. I choose to work with available light, because it produces such a rich, continuous tonality in the photograph.

I’ve always been attracted by national geographic-style photography, but also from the work of artists I like Ansel Adams and Andy Goldsworthy. Recently, I am particularly captured by observing water and how it can create images in itself through its own movement and interaction with light.

Tel: 07967692997