Elizabeth Pearson

To me, Art is life. It restores my soul.

I specialise in Intricate, Jewel-Like, Mixed Media Pieces. In this case I started with a photograph of one of my favourite views of Nottingham. The images are taken from the top flower garden in The Arboretum, a place that makes me feel free and touches my heart.

I hope that I have portrayed to you some of the beauty and joy that I feel when I look at this view. I hope that you are mesmerized by it and I hope that in it, you catch a glimpse of another world.

I finished Art College in 2002 with a distinction but have only recently begun to produce pieces of work for exhibitions and commissions. Since childhood I have been continually influenced by the work of Chris Ofili, Gustav Klimt and the music of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

e-mail: elizabeth_pearson@hotmail.co.uk