Danguole Slaughter (Danquella)

Danquella was born in Ukraine then moved to Lithuania. Educated in Siauliai and Telsiai, she worked as clothes designer before becoming a school teacher, specialising, of course, in art and design. In 1997 she decided to seek new challenges, choosing to visit New York. There she sold a few paintings. However, due to her visa expiry she was forced to return to Lithuania. After seven months, in a bid to enhance her career further, she was to finally come to England.

Various jobs allowed Danquella to save money to finance her dream to become an artist and in April 2006 she decided to become a self-sufficient professional artist. In eight months she has developed a unique method of etching, using a mixture of acrylic and oil on canvas. The originals are back-lit using LEDs and photographer David Pratt from Derby backlights the originals for reproducing the prints.

The range of subjects in Danquella’s pictures vary from imaginative and space creatures and planets, to Blackpool Tower, the Liver Building (Mersey) and Spinacher Tower – all using the same creative technique.